The Ombudsman


"The European Ombudsman investigates complaints about maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union." (quoted from

They do not only post ethics, they also have an internal revision.

Sounds great. So, faithfully you lodge a complaint and indeed you end up with high quality papers, being quite impressing. Well, unfortunately for their content you have been missing the particularities of language:

"Investigating" promises nothing more than somebody reading what you put down on paper. It does not mean you are entitled to a result according the observation of facts or logic, let alone intellectual integrity.

Quite the opposite you may find that understanding your issue means understanding how to fend it off, how to avoid blame on anyone from the own habitat, let alone picking up confrontation with the roots of this bureaucracy. You may find that your complaint cannot be understood (your complaint has no grounds), if that is to no avail focus is put on peripheral matters, with a secondary trick to maltreat even those trying to draw your attention into a lengthy dispute on grounds far away from that original touchy subject.

Which could be outlined in detail, however the methods of malpractice Should be more precisely understood reading the commented, self explaining original to the Ombudsman(in) bearing the title:
Deliberate Malpractice by the Ombudsman.

You may find it takes a thief not to catch a thief.



Deliberate Malpractice by the Ombudsman  i-arrow-right.gif  (PDF, ~380kb)